How to Optimize Video Landing Pages for Search

How to Optimize Video Landing Pages for Search

As you know, rapidly updating algorithm of Google each year makes it very difficult for SEO to keep the level of their rankings on search engine. According to an estimate, Google changes its search algorithm 500 to 600 times each year.  Here, I am dealing with some best practices that will be helpful for SEO to optimize their video pages on Google. If you are also having difficulty in optimization of your website’s video landing pages, you should read the article carefully.

Refine Your General SEO Best Practices

In fact, Video optimization is not a new field; this is just an extension of SEO. So, before going to optimize videos, just review your general SEO site structure and navigation, internal site links and title tags, all are important to drive traffic to your website. A good optimized website also support optimization of individual SEO of video landing pages

Submit a Video Sitemap to Google

Before starting video optimization, you should consider the fact that it is very difficult for Google to find and crawl videos on web pages. So, the best way to ensure Google crawling is submission of an XML video sitemap with some most relevant information to Google webmaster tool

Add Video Transcripts to Landing Pages

Another best practice that you can do easily is adding the transcript pages with your videos, a study conducted with 37 pages with or without transcript and justified that transcript pages has more revenue due to more traffic as they are automatically optimized for the long tail SEO keywords

Quality and Rich Content

As the content is king in general SEO, this is also helpful to optimize your video. So, try to add quality and rich content in your videos scripting.

Create Impactful Thumbnails

Create specific, eye-catching and relevant thumbnails, so when a user come to the video anywhere, he/she should attract with the Clear, bright and in-focus thumbnail and must click on your video

Load time of Landing Pages Load

Another important thing in video optimization of landing pages is the page speed. To get optimization your page speed should be accurate and faster that satisfies user experience and also fulfills the requirement of Google algorithm

So, these are the tips that I recommend you as an expert SEO to follow the optimization of your video landing pages for search. Go Ahead and Start optimizing the videos; now it’s easier than ever before

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