5 Sneaky SEO Tips That Will Propel Your Blog to First Page

5 Sneaky SEO Tips That Will Propel Your Blog to First Page

Blogging isn’t as easier as most of us feel, it needs directional and consistent efforts to get top 10 rankings on search engine. Now, in this post I am going to write the SEO tips having essence of my entire experience in dealing with search engines and hope that it will be very beneficial for you.

Use Free Web Analytics Tool

I think, no one can deny the fact that web analytics is a fantastic tool to track the impact of your SEO working on your Blog. You can get help about visitors tracking, page view, visitors’ trends and keywords searched on Search engines. This is essential, as it allows you to determine the part of the world from where you are most popular and have returning visitors. In short, the data of web analytics should be reviewed for getting Top 10 Google rankings.

Add Accurate Meta Tags

Another important tip in discussion of top five SEO tips for top rankings of your blog is inclusion of Meta tags to all pages of your blog. These meta-tags (Meta Title and Meta Description) appear underneath your blog page in search results, so try to make them convincing for readers and accurate for search engines.

Add detailed XML Sitemap

Another way to increase your blog’s search rank is to submit a site map to search engines for accurate and easiest crawling of all pages of a website. A site map for user should also add on your blog, having a list of links that can go to any page on your blog.

Use of Podcast

In discussion of top 5 SEO tips for top ranking of your blog is the use of podcasts. Podcasts can be both audio and video, and they help in optimization of a blog on video search option of search engine. You should use accurate Meta descriptions for each of your podcast to make sure that search engine can crawl and index them properly for ranking.

Updating the Blog Content

As the content is king in search engine optimization and Google like blogs that update contents frequently, so add fresh and worthy content with niche keyword research. Update keyword rich, latest and informative content on your blog daily. There is no standard frequency of updating of post, the simple formula is that “More content update means more benefits”, so keep your content updated. Also, I would like to mention that Google hates plagiarism, so always avoid to copy others data on your website.

I hope this article having top five SEO tips for top rankings of your blog will help you in your SEO journey. If you will find this post helpful please leave your comment belo.

  1. You have some very informative tips for SEO. Although, these are the basic SEO rules for a site to get ranked and get traffic, most of the webmasters do forget about it.

    • Fiza Malik

      Thanks, Annetta! I’m glad you found it useful.

  2. Thanks Fiza, off-course useful. I think the most important & crucial factor when it comes about SEO is Updating content frequently, what you think?

  3. Fiza Malik

    Hey Sohel ,Nice to see you stop on by! Certainly update and fresh content is the most important for blog.

  4. Fiza Malik

    Thanks! You found it useful I agree alt tag is also a basic factor of SEO. I believe these are the great tips that can be useful for blog or site.


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