4 Apps That Make Google+ Better Than Facebook

4 Apps That Make Google+ Better Than Facebook

If you’ve been using the Internet, chances are much that you have heard of Google+, it is after all the hottest social media network to have come out since Facebook. It has been generating loads of buzz and everyone today is signing up to enjoy Google Apps. Arguably, the most popular feature of Google+ have been the Google+ Hangouts which allow up to 10 people to communicate with each other though video at a given time.

Google+ Apps APIs Are Revolutionary

Three months ago, Google launched Google+ Hangouts API with the belief that developers could build some memorable experiences with the audience, and the developers certainly haven’t disappointed.

In the last three months since Google+ launched apps in Hangouts:

  • Over 200 Google PLUS apps have been built for hangouts.
  • The duration of a hangout has increased up to 2.5 times after the apps were launched.

4 Awesome Google+ Apps To Check Out

So, here I am going to introduce a new set of featured apps that are built by developers to provide better user experience

Google Art Project:

This is a unique Google PLUS app that explores photograph collections from the world

New YouTube App:

Very liked by the users! It can create, control, save and share video playlists with friends, all in one hangout and serves in coolest YouTube party.

• Symphonical:

Great App for business owners! It can help you in conducting business meetings and real time management of projects.

A Story Before Bed:

I like it!!! Family hangouts app, before going to bed just pick a storybook from the shelf and read that for your loved ones.

How Do I Get Started With Google PLUS Apps?

Yes, yes, I know that’s the next question on your mind. Unlimited Google+ Apps enjoyment is just five steps away from you.

Get Started With Google+

1. Introduce Yourself

Introduce the world to who you are and what you like and dislike. Choose an appropriate profile photo and throw in a little fun fact to make your Google+ profile as your smile to the world.

2. Connect with Family, Friends and Colleagues

Add family, friends and colleagues to see what they’re sharing and also share a few posts back. You can invite people by searching your email contacts or find people from high school, college, work or hometown.

3. Follow Interesting People

Remember, the world’s most inspiring minds are on Google+ and posting their latest thoughts, videos, and photos. Do follow them.

4. Share Just Like In Real Life

Share something valuable in each post you put up.

5. Say Hello

Google+ is a great platform for conversations, when you find anything interesting, show your appreciation by +1.

You can start by circling me on Google  or clicking on the +1 button on the left, happy Googling! 

  1. Well yes, the most popular feature of Google+ is the Google+ Hangouts, it is really a great way to communicate with 10 people at once. Thanks Fiza for this useful post :)


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